SNAP here SHARE everywhere Help – Basic Landing Page

How to edit Basic Landing Page

After login you will have the options of creating badge and blocks.

The badge takes the alias profile information and can be changed later.

Blocks – the page is composed of sequential blocks. Each block may have :

  • Title – The Title is the name of the block and can be empty
  • Text – which can be plain text or formatted text
  • Links – May have a title and subtitle and can be copied easily to the clipboard
  • Images – of format JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF up to 4MB. images with height or width of more then 500 pixels are compressed to increase speed and decrease storage space. Images are rearranged in sharing mode as a moving slider and may have links and can be zoomed in.
  • Documents – of format DOC, XLS or PDF up to 4MB

The upper part of the page is the “badge” which may be displayed as a digital business card.
Badges can be hidden from the page or displayed accordingly with the settings in the profile menu.

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