SNAP here SHARE everywhere Help – Display Blocks

How to edit a block

Blocks – the page is composed of sequential blocks. Each block may have a background color and a widget color.

Blocks can be reordered with the arrow icon.

Blocks can be shown or hidden while in edit mode or suspended mode.

You can preview a block by clicking the preview button and change the settings as you go.

Each Block may have a menu assigned to it, so when the page is displayed the blocks that belong to that menu are filtered and shown while the other blocks are hidden until the visitor chooses another menu or the home button.

Each block has head and body section.

The head may include:

The head of the section layout can be defined at clicking on the “settings” button after expanding the selected section menu.

  • Text composed of a title and Rich Text which can be edited with the pencil icon.
  • The Title may be used the name of the block and can be hidden from the landing page
  • A map which has to have latitude and longitude coordinates
  • A drop-box for friends leaving notes.
  • A badge which may by yours or other’ if you paste the view code. When a badge is displayed the visitor may go to the landing page that is associated with that badge.
  • A Tag list. Tags can be edited in the Tags section of the profile.
  • A carousel of images taken from the block body section.

The Body of the block may have:

  • Digital assets which may include:
    1. Links – May have a title and subtitle and can be copied easily to the clipboard
    2. Images – of format JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF up to 4MB. images with height or width of more then 500 pixels are compressed to increase speed and decrease storage space. Images are rearranged in sharing mode as a moving slider and may have links and can be zoomed in.
    3. Documents – of format DOC, XLS or PDF up to 4MB
  • Tweets – The tweet has to be pasted as is from the top of the embed tweet page
  • Movies – must start with the internet URL “….”

The system is responsive which means items are ordered and displayed accordingly with the device. To achieve better aesthetics it is recommended that each section would have 1 or a multiplier of 3 components.

It is recommended that images in a block would have similar sizing either for stacked images or carousel image gallery.

You can create blocks that have a body without head or blocks that have heads without bodies.

Blocks that have empty body are best suited for titles, tags, texts or maps.

Blocks that have components in the body and not in the head are best suited for displaying links, tweets or stacked images or movies.

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