What is ?

A simple way of arranging and sharing memos, media, links and images.

Who can use ?

Information can be shared over computers, notebooks, smartphones and tablets that have access to the internet with a standard browser. Sharing can be done with no registration or tedious email registration. You will have to remember your alias and your email in the next time. The displayed name maybe different then the Alias.

Great for sharing instant photos and links from point to point for people who don’t care about the information being publicly accessible and removed automatically after a system predefined time by default..

Snap info hereand access it everywhere

Creating pages and memos

Creating and sharing basic landing pages or memos can be done after choosing an alias and email. You can secure and confirm your email later on. Once you register you can create and manage various aliases which has memos or a landing page. Each alias would represent a profile accordingly with your assigned task or category. So you are not confined to have to register with several emails for your work, family, workplace, social activity recruiting agency etc….

A page enables arranging relevant links, images or documents in blocks for self use as bullet pointers or for sharing it later.

A badge displayed in a memo header

Each Alias has its own badge which is assigned to the memos or landing page. Friend badges can be displayed or shared in pages.

How to use channel chats ?

  • The Join button let’s you find a channel.
  • You can create a channel by creating an account with a unique identifiable email or view Read Only listings or edit public listings and channels.
  • If you choose an existing channel everyone that gets into the channel will be redirected automatically to the pics and links page without seeing the notes.
  • The system let’s anonymous users post a link or image for quick sharing or pasting with no tedious registration.

The system also lets anonymous users post a link or image for quick sharing or pasting with no tedious registration or identification. The information is removed after 60 minutes from the corresponding channels automatically.