Snapety – Snap & Share

Organise information and share it everywhere on the go.

An easy way to store thoughts and memos through linking digital assets. You can gather links to Images, coupons, business cards, documents, posts, blogs, presentation keynotes, News alerts, research papers, Tweets, videos, memos. The assets can be stored in a basic Landing Page as information blocks which can be shared, tagged or categorised.

The system also let’s anonymous users post temporary links or images for quick sharing or pasting with no tedious registration.

  • You can create a new channel by entering a new key.
  • If the Channel is populated or already created you will be redirected to that channel having edit or view options.
  • If the channel is empty you will be the first to “grab” it.

Media, Notes and Links expire after 60 minutes for open channels.

Registered users can have memos which expire within a month.

Images should have “.jpg”, “.gif” or “.png” extensions

Links should start with “http” and shouldn’t direct to offending or forbidden sites.

All information might be viewed and shared by others since this is a public platform.

No app needed to download

Low footprint and easy access